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Bell Family | Boleyn Media Group

Discover why we do what we do.

Jos and Alison Bell began Boleyn Media with the dream of helping grow local businesses in their community. Being new entrepreneurs themselves, this was the cornerstone of their business and an opportunity for them to build the life they wanted for their growing family in Alison’s hometown of Campbell River, BC.

Now years later, Boleyn Media has grown to a team of ten, working with businesses not only on Vancouver Island but across North America. The team specializes in websites, ecommerce, digital advertising, and branding, valuing transparency in business while prioritizing lifting one another up and celebrating individuals for their contributions — as well as celebrating the successes shared with their clients. They work hard to ensure their portfolio remains diverse and inclusive to all people by actively pursuing clients who share similar values to their own.

With a focus on personal and professional growth through working with like-minded clients, Boleyn Media looks at how their team can contribute back to the business, their communities, and the marketing industry as a whole. As the agency continues to reach new heights, their values remain true to their roots: help those around you to succeed, and our communities will flourish.

Jos | Boleyn Media Group

Jos Bell


Before launching Boleyn Media in 2016, Jos worked in the performance marketing industry, using data to optimize campaign performances and increase return on investment. Seeing how large international marketing campaigns benefitted from this approach, he knew this was something that would be successful with local businesses as well.

Alison | Boleyn Media Group

Alison Bell


With an education in professional communications, Alison first fell in love with marketing while working in the tourism industry in Victoria, BC. She takes great pride in being an active member of her community and in developing strong working relationships with the influential leaders she calls both colleagues and friends.

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Duncan | Boleyn Media Group

Duncan Hurd

Digital Marketing Manager

Duncan’s incredible work ethic and attention to detail make him an amazing leader of our digital marketing team. Having worked in both digital and print media, he brings an eye for design and thoughtful messaging to every project, ensuring our clients receive exceptional marketing services that grow their businesses.

Michelle | Boleyn Media Group

Michelle King

Marketing Account Manager & Strategist (on Parental Leave)

With an exceptional eye for detail, Michelle excels in her role on our digital marketing team. Her education in entrepreneurial management means she understands the need to present your brand with precision while adapting quickly to changing trends. She specializes in strategic planning, identifying planning and implementing marketing solutions for our clients.

Dale | Boleyn Media Group

Dale Garcia

Senior Designer

Dale’s talent for UI/UX and graphic design is indisputable, turning everything he touches to pure gold. His work focuses on creative projects, and his superpower is creating intuitive website designs that both look and function beautifully for a consistent user experience. He has an education in marketing and interactive media, and is also skilled in capturing stunning visuals on camera and film.

Liz | Boleyn Media Group

Liz Basson

Lead Developer

Liz brings over a decade of experience in web development to her role, providing a deep understanding of content management systems in the ever-changing landscape of our industry. Her passion for digital security and her exceptional attention to detail means she can quickly and seamlessly find solutions for our clients, bringing beautiful websites to life with ease.

Halestorm | Boleyn Media Group

Haley Burns


Writing meaningful and well-articulated copy can be tricky for some, but Haley is a natural. She uses powerful language to communicate our client’s messages in the tone of voice that best represents their brand, easily adapting from serious, to witty, to informative, and everything in between.

Sophie Vigneau | Boleyn Media

Sophie Vigneau

Marketing Coordinator

Sophie has an in-depth understanding of digital media, having worked as a photographer and communications specialist with e-commerce businesses across Vancouver Island. Her energy is contagious, and we absolutely love watching her dive head-first into projects with confidence and ease.

Isaac Hawker | Boleyn Media

Isaac Hawker

Marketing Coordinator

As a graphic design graduate of Vancouver Island University, Isaac meets us at the intersection of design and strategy. He works closely with the digital marketing team to ensure campaign visuals are clean and professional, and continues to impress us with how quickly he learns and adapts to new challenges.

Priya Menezes | Boleyn Media

Priya Menezes

Designer & Front-End Developer

Priya worked as a professional UI/UX designer for many years before her curiosity about the other side led her to pursue an education in web development. Her incredible work ethic shines through in everything she does, and we are so grateful to have her on the team.

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