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JB Lawyers

This winter we had the pleasure of creating an updated brand identity and new website for JB Lawyers, previously Jawl & Bundon. Their firm has served as trusted legal counsel to individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses, financial institutions, governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations on Vancouver Island and across Canada since 1973.

Our team worked closely with JB Lawyers to understand their goals and objectives. We utilized our expertise in design and web development to create an updated brand and website that was visually clean and functionally robust, delivering a strong first impression and conveying a sense of professionalism, expertise, and trustworthiness.

The updated logo features a monogram of the letters JB in a sans serif. The goal was to keep it clean, bold, and to the point. We made multiple variations to meet different needs, with the colour palette centred around blue, a colour associated with trust.

Next, we designed and developed a custom WordPress website for the firm. The overall design was built to be very minimal, to allow users to find what they were looking for right away. It was important for the client that each lawyer had a bio displayed on the appropriate service page, so we used popup overlays to minimize the user having to flip back and forth between pages.

We’re incredibly proud of the work that we’ve done for JB Lawyers, and we’re thrilled that their new website will help them to attract new clients and grow their business in the years to come.

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