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Pacificus Biological Services

Last year we worked with Pacificus Biological Services, offering digital marketing support that brought their brand’s essence to life online in a variety of ways. Here’s a glimpse into some of the diverse work we achieved with them to enhance their digital presence:

New Brand Identity: We crafted a compelling brand identity, seamlessly blending the essence of nature and the ocean. The result: a timeless and contemporary look. Our choice of sans-serif typography ensures longevity.

Custom WordPress Website: From wireframes to a dynamic WordPress site, efficiency was our guiding principle. We strategically designed reusable sections, aligning with our client’s goals. The new branding was artfully integrated to appeal to potential clients and prospective employees. Eiko Jones’ award-winning photography also graces the site, adding an extra layer of distinction.

Social Media Strategy: Our team was asked to create a social media strategy with the goal of elevating Pacificus’ recruitment messaging and strengthening their social identity. Simultaneously, we boosted recruitment efforts through strategic engagement on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Boat Decals: We created two striking variations to appear on their vessels —one for the side and another for the back — ensuring crisp and clear brand visibility in the field.

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