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StoneCroft Engineering

We’ve been working with StoneCroft Engineering over the past few years to revitalize their online and offline presence through a range of projects that elevate the brand’s visibility and encourage client engagement.

In 2022, we designed and developed a dynamic WordPress website for StoneCroft Engineering, focusing on efficient navigation with an updated, modern, and industrious aesthetic. The website serves as a digital showcase of their expertise using both video and still images, detailed service descriptions, and new style elements that enhance the brand’s existing logo and palette.

Our team has also designed new print assets to align with the new style elements we updated for the website. These tangible assets contribute to an impactful representation of StoneCroft in both their digital and physical touchpoints and have included trade show booth backdrops, tablecloths, business cards, and pop-up banners for recruitment and client engagement. 

StoneCroft also produces calendars each winter as a seasonal gift for clients and partners. The calendars showcase 12 recent projects and include images, project details, and a list of all the key contributors involved. We helped revamp the design a couple of years ago to keep the new branding elements consistent, and we continue to design these each year.

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