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City of CR’s TECHatchery

A central hub for entrepreneurs and business owners seeking to grow their businesses in Campbell River, offering a place where the City of Campbell River’s Economic Development team can provide relevant and useful business-specific information to the public.

We developed a new website for them that provides a range of tools and resources for businesses, investors, locals, and those interested in moving their businesses to the area. These resources include events, workshops, partnerships, grant support, and access to their podcast series, among other offerings. The website was built using Squarespace, which allows their team to manage it in-house comfortably. 

The “Articles” capabilities of Squarespace were used to simplify the process of searching for relevant information, avoiding duplication of information, and we provided the Ec Dev team with best practices for future filtering. The historic events from their previous website were also migrated, many of which contain valuable recordings of presentations that can now be accessible long-term.

As fellow entrepreneurs in the tech space, we are delighted to have been able to partner with this initiative and look forward to Campbell River’s future as a growing tech hub. 

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