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The Evergreen

Formerly named Evergreen Seniors Home, this local care centre was looking to refresh their current brand to simply “The Evergreen” to better represent the expansive list of services they offer our community. When we first met with their team, they told us about how they use a boating metaphor when communicating internally, and we felt this was a story worth developing.

Consider a ship at sea, with passengers being The Evergreen’s residents and staff. Together they embark on their journey, embracing the changing tides and adjusting their sails to encourage a smooth and safe voyage. Each passenger contributes uniquely, stepping in to lend a hand wherever help is needed. The combined result is a nautical-inspired logo featuring a boat with a circular frame with an evergreen tree at the center to mimic a sail in a sailboat.

We built a detailed brand guide to accompany the new logo, complete with direction on the colour palettes, sub-brands, typography, tone of voice, writing for social media, and sample imagery and collateral for inspiration.

We had a great time collaborating with The Evergreen’s team to develop their brand identity, and we are so proud of what we’ve created together.

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